central Ohio's first black-owned brewery


Crafted Culture Brewing Company (CCB) is Central Ohio’s first black-owned brewery, founded by Sizzle. Crafted Culture is dedicated to promoting equity and inclusion throughout the craft beer industry. Our tasting room is NOW OPEN at 505 Morrison Rd, Gahanna, OH

Our Mission: Engage, Educate/Encourage, and Expand

​Engage – Connect with the underrepresented communities of the craft beer industry. Women, people of color (POC), the LGBTQ, and even the non-alcohol drinker that enjoys a non-alcoholic beer or a craft soda.

Educate/Encourage – Teach systematically neglected segments of the market that healthy, high-quality beer exists, using high-quality ingredients and that can be made in a neighborhood very similar to the one you live in, by a person that looks like you. Encouraging communities to buy and support local.

Expand – Continually challenge ourselves to listen, learn, and develop from the community of professionals, enthusiasts and the new craft beer consumers born everyday.

As I worked, I noticed again I was of the minority amongst my colleagues. In fact, there were only 3 black people (that I can recall) selling beer in my city at that time.

– CEO & Founder, Sizzle